Sunday, March 21, 2010


The joys of living in the country.

Charlie came running into the living room this afternoon yelling, "Mommy, there's a REAL skunk in our backyard! Really, there is, and it's ALIVE!" Sure enough, I turned to see a skunk out by Keith's shop. Keith, of course, is at work, so I grabbed the camera and the phone and called my neighbor. The skunk was nosing around in the grass and then would fall over. I was worried it might be rabid.

My neighbor graciously agreed to come and check it out for us. And that's exactly what he did...he "checked it out!" I had no idea that it would spray straight into the air when he shot it. Within a few seconds of shooting it, we could smell it INSIDE the house. A few seconds later, the smell was so strong you could taste it. GROSS!!!

I called animal control to see about having someone come and dispose of it, but they are closed today. I called a private company that deals in wildlife control. I told them I had a dead skunk in my backyard. They took my information to have someone call me back. Then they said, "There is a $399 fee to come and assess the situation, do you accept this charge?" To which I replied, "No. There's nothing to assess...He's already dead. I can show you where he is, what he is, and how he died. There will be no trapping or return visits, and he won't bite or spray." The guy sat there kind of confused. " don't accept the fee?" "No." "I'll have to have someone else call you back." Don't think I'll wait by the phone. I was writing this post, only a few minutes after the skunk was killed, Katie Beth said,
"Mommy, there's a duck by the skunk."
Me: "Katie Beth, there's no duck out there."
Katie Beth: "Yes there is Mommy. There's a duck by the skunk and he's scaring me."

I looked out the window to assure here there is no duck, only to see a HUGE buzzard crouched over the skunk. CAMERA!!!

The circle of life...

Spring Break


This week was spring break for the boys. Keith only had Wednesday off work, so we used that as our "outing" day. We wanted to take the kids to the Frontiers of Flight museum at Love Field, but weren't sure if they are all ready for the full museum experience. So we decided at the last minute to go to the C.R. Smith Museum at the American Airlines headquarters. It is much cheaper and much smaller and they have a restored DC-3 that you can go in.

We started with a 15 minute movie that was really neat. It was done like an IMAX movie where you feel like you are flying. It explained the history and growth of American Airlines. Then we toured the exhibits. Will and Charlie did well, but we quickly realized Katie Beth and Jack are not ready for museums. Neither one wanted to stay in the stroller, but both wanted to touch everything and RUN. I was grateful for small crowds and a large open area around the DC-3. They ran and played going in and out of the plane.

After a quick bite of lunch, it was home to nap the little ones. Keith took Will and Charlie out to Weatherford to help a friend from church cut up some trees. They came home dirty and happy.


Friday was beautiful, in the upper 60's with bright sunshine. Saturday morning we awoke to thunderstorms along the leading edge of a COLD front. The temps continued download all day with strong winds. By suppertime, we were starting to get snow pellets. The ground this morning had a light dusting of snow, not enough to get good pictures of, but snow nonetheless. How crazy to get snow on the first day of spring! Temps are supposed to be back in the 70's this week. Welcome to Texas!