Saturday, February 27, 2010

My sweet Hubs!

February is a month for me to celebrate my hubby. We not only have Valentine's Day, but his birthday is a week later. I know I'm running a little late on getting this post up...but let's just say that we've been busy living!

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband. This thought is never far from my mind. I am continually reminded that he is unusually easy to live with. Some people require winning the argument, being right, and fighting to the death to prove their point. (That would be me.) Keith, on the other hand, would rather have peace at all costs. In order to argue with him or to hold a grudge, you have to really WORK at it. And even then, you feel really dumb because you realize very quickly that it's a one-sided fight.

I also appreciate is transparency in our relationship. He is quick to share his heart with me, and I know that there is nothing in his life that is off limits to me. If I want to know something, all I have to do is ask. He is always willing to share. I remember how odd this was for me early in our relationship. When he would get home from work I would ask, "How was work?" Fully expecting the typical "Fine", I was shocked to hear him give me a full detail report of the day's activities. At first, the details were more than I wanted, but now, I realize that he is letting me into his world. I know his job, his co-workers, his life because he has chosen to make me a part of it.

I am blessed to have a man that seeks to live according to the Word, to love me as Christ loved the church, and to honor the Lord above all. So to the best husband and friend that I would ever imagine, Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Birthday.