Thursday, May 28, 2009


Within 45 minutes of being home, Jack hit his head on the coffee table. By the time I got from the kitchen to the living room, it had already made a HUGE purple knot. He stopped crying fairly quickly, and I was able to complete a thorough home neuro eval. I gave him Tylenol. He seems to be fine, but I bet he's got a headache!

Great Wolf Lodge!

Yesterday, Keith and I told the boys to get on their bathing suits because we were going to take them swimming. We got in the car and started driving. They kept asking where we were going, but were able to hold them off. Finally, we pulled into the parking lot at the Great Wolf Lodge. Charlie looked up and said, "Is this where we are going?" "Yep!" Will's head popped up from his Nintendo DS. Needless to say, they were so excited. We left the babies behind and were looking forward to some time with the big boys.

As we were looking for a parking place, we saw a sweet family from our school. They have a son that was in Will's class. They had been there for 2 days and were just leaving. Will is looking forward to talking to Joel and comparing which rides were his favorites. Once we got in and changed, we headed to the water park. We hadn't been in the park for 3 minutes when we walked by a man with his kids that looked so familiar. Turns out it was Craig Conaway. Keith and I had traveled with he and his wife (when they met) in Life Action. We hadn't seen them in 8 years. They live in Oklahoma and had all come down to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge. We caught up with the whole family and even went to dinner together at Cracker Barrel, an old Life Action favorite. It was so good to catch up. Keith commented after they left that it's amazing that 8 years can go by, and it's like you've stayed in touch all this time. God is so good!

Also within the first hour of being in the water park, we ran into a family from our church. I told Keith that we just needed to see someone from his work and that would complete our circle of friends. (We never did see anyone else we knew.)

We got back this evening and are all exhausted. The kids went to bed and 8pm and never made a sounds. It's been a busy but FUN 24 hours!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Turkey Hunt

Well, I have a lot of catching up to do on the blog. I'll get some done today and hopefully the rest tomorrow.

Here is a picture of Keith's first turkey hunt and his first turkey. Apparently there is a rating scale for turkeys. Keith ran his and it came up with 81.875. Anything over 60 is considered a nice bird. Anything over 75 is getting into unusual-trophy-or-mounting-worthy type bird. This one had a double beard (8" and 12"), weighed about 22 pounds, and has spurs about an inch long. (Don't worry, none of that meant anything to me either, but now I edumicated.) :) He brought home the meat and it's in our freezer waiting to be cooked.

Pretty good for a first timer!

Storms on the horizon

We had two impressive storms move through last night. The first one was about 6:30pm and provided heavy rain and lots of neat lightning. The second wave moved through about 12:45am and brought heavy winds and a little rain. Keith and I were standing at the window about 1am just in time to see the basketball goal get knocked over. We were without power for a few hours as well.

In between storms, we went to the front yard and watched the lightning show that had moved passed us. It was beautiful. I tried to get some shots with our fancy new camera. The only way I could get it to take fast enough was to put the camera in manual focus, hence the "double blur" on the picture. Only one was good enough to keep. Guess I'll have to try again with the next storm.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jack's party part 2

Part of the fun of having a birthday party is getting the cousins together and watching them play together. Jack's party was no exception. After lunch, the kids all went outside. We love having the swing set, although the boys mainly play Star Wars.

Jack's first birthday party

Better late than never...

Here are the pictures of Jack's first birthday party.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Katie Beth

Katie Beth woke up yesterday running fever again. It wasn't as high as the previous days, but I was beginning to think she may have a urinary track infection. (She had several of the symptoms.) I took her into the urgent care center where my friend happened to be working yesterday. We did urine analysis, blood work and an abdominal x-ray. Blood and urine were clear, but she was constipated. (I had given her an enema Friday night but didn't get big results.) They told me the fever and constipation are probably unrelated. They had me do another enema last night and then want me to do 3 days of Miralax. Last nights enema proved to be completely unsuccessful. This morning though, she stayed home from church with a low grade fever again and it's a good thing...she had a major blowout. So now, other than have bloodshot eyes for two days, I think we are on the mend. We will see if she has fever tomorrow. They did send her blood and urine off for cultures, but we don't expect it to grow anything since they were clear yesterday.

Hopefully this is the end of it.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Update on Katie Beth

Katie has has had no vomitting since yesterday morning at 4:30am. However, she continues to run fever into the 104s. She was up about every 45 minutes last night. I took her to the dr this morning. Her strep culture was negative, her ears were clear, etc... They said probably just a virus, maybe roseolla. I will keep my eyes out for the rash. Until then, she is playful when on Motrin, but when her fever starts to go up, she just wilts. This morning, three hours into her motrin dose, her fever was back up to 101.2. At lunch she started getting listless again, her fever had gone to 103.7 in an hour and 10 minutes. I've got another call into the dr. In the meantime, she fell asleep in my arms at the kitchen table. Guess we'll wait and see. Thankfully no one else has gotten anything!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's been a hard day's night...

Yesterday Keith left for his first turkey hunt. He will be in Kansas until Friday night. More on that in a minute.

Last night was our care group meeting. Our group meets at my parent's house and all the kids come to our house and stay with 2 sitters. (9 kids last night.) When I got home, they said Katie Beth had been really cuddly and had even fallen asleep in their lap 15 minutes early! After putting the boys to bed, I went to check on her. She was doing some heavy, deep sleep breathing. I put my hand on her face and she was burning! I got her up, took her temp...sure enough 104.2. I gave her motrin, some water and snuggles and put her back to bed. That was about 9:30pm. From then on, she was up about every 30-60 minutes vomitting and just generally not feeling well. This morning she woke up totally normal except for a temp of 101. The bummer is, she's ready to play and I can hardly keep my eyes open! Hopefully no one else will get it.

Good new though, Keith texted me this morning to let me know he shot his first turkey about 6:45am. The guys he's hunting with told him it's a trophy turkey because it has 2 beards and is about 22 pounds. He said it's about 3-4 years old. He was SO excited. I guess we'll be eating turkey for a while!