Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby Olivia is here!

No time for a long post, I'm headed to the airport in 30 minutes to go see my friend Kelly in Virginia. (That's another post)

Just wanted to let everyone know that my friend Elise Jordan had baby Olivia Kate this morning at 8:02. She weighed a tiny 6 lbs 5 oz and was 18.5 inches long. She is adorabale! Elise did beautifully. They got to the hospital about midnight. I got there about 12:30am. She had one of the craziest labors I've ever seen, strong contraction 7-20 minutes apart until the very end! Then she only had to push 2-3 times. She's a champ!

Enjoy the slides!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shop update...

It's almost finished! The shop is sheetrocked and painted. The final step is to paint the floor and the put in the base boards. Then it's MOVING DAY!!!

In these pictures, Keith was acid washing the floor to get it ready for painting. Hopefully, he will put down the first coat tomorrow. And yes...the walls are a lovely beige. As he said, "If I've got to paint it anyway, it might as well look nice!" I guess...

Toothy Smile

Usually, the tooth fairy is in the business of taking teeth. This week, she made a deposit while she was here. Will lost his top tooth, and Jack FINALLY cut his first tooth. (No pictures of it yet.)

Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day, Keith and I decided to spend the day with the kids. (Keith's 40th birthday is Feb 21 and we are going on an overnight date, so we're saving our date night for that.) Valentine's afternoon, we took the boys to the Omni Theater to see Deep Sea. They have never been to the movie theater, so this whole experience was a new one. Will was scared to death and held my hand for most of it. Then he finally warmed up and watched the last part on his own. By the end, he loved it and wanted to go back for another movie. Charlie was fearless the whole time! When Will finally let go of my hand, Charlie leaned over and sweetly asked, "Are you done being scared now?" He was genuinely interested, but I thought it was hilarious!

After the movie, we picked up Katie Beth and Jack and headed to Purple Cow for supper. We had a LONG wait, but the kids did really well. We tried to take pictures of Will and Charlie, but they kept ducking under the table. So Keith took their picture there!

After we finally ate, we headed down to the nursing home to see Poppa. He was sitting in his wheelchair waiting to be put to bed. I put him back to bed, got him all situated and then we sat down to visit. I could tell he was tired, but he was in good spirits...as always. I was surprised by how much weight he has lost. His face looks really sunken. He's always so sweet though and loves seeing the kids. We put Jack on his bed and the two of them "talked" for a few minutes. It was prett funny to see the two baldies with unintelligable language going at it!

Finally it was home and to bed for the kids. Then Keith and I made some chocolate chip cookies and sat on the couch to watch "The Pink Panther Strikes Again" on PBS. (One of our favorites!)

I am so blessed with the world's BEST HUBBY and the greatest kids a mom could want.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I hate cooking!

On Sundays I try to avoid cooking. Actually, that's not entirely true, I try to avoid cooking everyday. Tonight I thought I'd do something easy like nachos.

We had popcorn and oranges instead.

My sweet girl!

It's been awhile since I've posted about Katie Beth. I can't believe she is almost 23 mos. Time really does fly when you are not looking. She is precious. Everyday I'm seeing more of the differences between boys and girls. Her vocabulary is multipying daily. I love to see her interact with other kids and with her own siblings. She loves to help me in the kitchen. She'll run in there anytime I'm there and say, "I'n cook." She also loves to help me clean, especially if it envolves wiping something with a wet wipe! She's even been showing interest in potty training, so I went out Friday and got her underwear. (I refuse to potty train my only girl in Spiderman or Thomas the Train undies!) Of course, Saturday she woke up vomitting...so I'm putting off the potty training until sometime this week. She loves to listen to moo-kiss (music) and to read "beeps."

Tonight while I was feeding Jack, she came running in and said, "I feed baby!" I pulled her up in my lap and let her try a few bites. I couldn't believe how well she did. She didn't even spill much and tried to wipe his chin with the spoon when he drooled some out. My favorite part was watching her tap each bite on the glass, just like I do. She refused to let me finish, so I hopped up and got the camera. Jack actually seemed to enjoy the interaction with his big sister.

"Jack eat!"

Snaggle tooth

Will lost another tooth yesterday. It has been really wiggly for weeks, and I kept teasing him that I was going to pull it. Everytime I asked him if he wanted to to pull it, he would run away. Yesterday, he jumped up on my bed and blurted..."Pull my tooth." (I think he was afraid he would change his mind if he didn't do it fast.) As I tried to get my fingers around the tooth, it literally fell out in my hand. He was so excited. The new tooth was coming in behind it and was already through the gums. Now if we could just get those top teeth to turn loose...