Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update on Katie...

Katie Beth is on the mend. She actually started vomiting again this morning. She looked totally depleted and pale, with bright purple lips. I knew we were headed back to the hospital if things didn't stop. I called the doc, and he put her on Zofran. Wow!! That's amazing! She has been able to keep down pedialyte and crackers since noon. At supper we even tried a banana. She has been up playing since nap time and even had one little tear trickle out this evening. (I've never been so glad to see a kid cry!)

Thank you all for your prayers. Now if we can just keep everyone healthy while I go on a scrapbook retreat this weekend. Say another prayer for Keith!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Little person, Big sick

Sunday, Katie started running fever. I figured she had gotten the respiratory stuff the boys had. Keith stayed home with the kids while I went to church. When I got back, she was running 102. She took a four hour nap that afternoon, I knew she didn't feel good. She threw up about 7:30, but then didn't do any more. I thought maybe she had gagged since there wasn't another episode.

Well, at 3:00 am, she started vomiting bile (TMI, I know.) Her poor tummy had no more food, but it just wouldn't shut off. She also started emptying out the other end. She finally went back to sleep about 5:30 am Monday morning. All morning she cried for her cup, so I would give her a small sip in her cup. She would throw it up immediately. (I only did this 2 times all morning.) She was so limp and listless. She wanted to be held all the time and would nap in your arms. About 11:00, I noticed that her diapers hadn't been wet since I changed her the night before. She also had no tears when she cried. (Seems like I remember hearing that's an indicator of something...)

I called the dr, he said to go ahead to Cook's. I packed her up and we got there about noon. They got us right in and by 1:00, we were getting blood drawn, urine drawn and an IV started. The whole time she laid in my lap and only fought the needles a little. The ER doctor said that she was too dehydrated to just treat in the ER and we would be admitted for up to 23 hours. I was so glad I had taken her in!

We finally got to come home today about 1:15, after waiting over 3 hours to be discharged. Katie has even small "meals" and is keeping it down. She is up playing and the twinkle is back in her eyes.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Charlie's 5th birthday party

Charlie turns 5 this Wednesday. I can't believe he's already a whole hand!! This year was Charlie's first "friend" birthday party. We've decided to skip the family party and just do friends this year. We had the party at Pump it Up. I loved not having to clean the house, decorate, think of games, get the paper goods, keep 15 kids from breaking the house, re-clean the house, etc... Charlie had so much fun! I think he was still amazed that everyone was there for HIM and that he was the star! The kids did really well together.

Life's a zoo...

Sometimes more literally than we would like. I have another cousin that lives on the north side of Houston in Conroe. They survived Hurricane Ike with no problem, except that the 2 main power sources for that area were blown out. It was expected to take until Sept 22-29 to restore. His company offered to move them to Fort Worth if he would work from here. They have been staying in a Residence Inn. It worked out well for us because we got to visit with these cousins we never get to see. Wedensday, we met at the zoo. The weather was GORGEOUS and the crowds were small. The kids had so much fun being together.

Cousin Renee with her kids, Erica, age 5, and Faith, 2 1/2.

Charlie's favorite part was the penguins! The room is very dark, so my pictures didn't turn out very well. (The flash kept reflecting off the glass.)


My aunt and uncle have gone to Australia for a month. They were supposed to leave their golden retrevier, Sam, with their daughter in Houston. However, a little rain storm named Ike interrupted that plan. So we asked if we could keep him for the month.

We are loving having him here. He is the best dog, so well behaved. Even when Katie has food right at eye level, he just watches. All the kids have a job.

Charlie's job is move Sam's pillow from room to room making sure he's comfortable.
Will's job is feeding Sam and giving him his "chocolates" (medicine) in the morning and at night.

Katie Beth is concerned more with the outward appearance, so she has opted for brushing him. She's surprisingly gentle and Sam loves the scratching.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Katie Beth...

Have you ever noticed most things in life are easier to get in to than out of?

Pix for you!

Well, my camera is not fixed, but I used an old one to download these pictures.

Charlie had croup this weekend. We had to go to the on-call dr. on Saturday for some oral steroids. He is much better now, but still hoarse. Katie went for her 18 mos. check up last week, she is 23 pounds, which is only the 25%. I told the dr that if she's only 25%, I'd hate to see 100%. She's doing well and her vocabulary has just started expolding in the last few days. She's repeating almost everything and even spontaniously saying new words as she points to things.

My aunt is bringing their dog Sam to live with us for a few weeks while they are in Australia. He was supposed to go to my cousins house south of Houston...'nuf said. My other cousin and her family that live in The Woodlands, north of Houston drove in last night. They have a lot of damage in their area and are without power. They are being told they won't have power restored for several weeks. His company is putting them up in an extended stay suite and he will work from their Fort Worth office. We are looking forward to getting together with them some.

Never a dull moment around here...

Enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

No wonder Japanese kids are so smart!

We recently got a baby gift from my cousin and his wife who are stationed in Japan. They also thoughtfully put in some Japanese snacks for the older kids. We always have fun with these treats because the packaging is all in Japanese, so it's a suprise to bite into something.

I got a huge kick out of one of the items. It was obvious from the packaging that they were animal crackers, but they were not like any animal crackers I've seen in the states. No wonder all their kids are smarter than ours!! (click on the image to enlarge it.)

As you can see, there are 9 types of winged animals.
Can anyone tell me what a "furseal" is?

Filling in the gaps.

I got a new camera. YEAH! Our old one was fine, but we found a GREAT deal on the model just above it, so we got it. Unfortunately, the plug in to download your pictures is bent and has to be fixed at the factory. ARGHH! So, no pictures to show right now, but when I can download again, I'll post them.

Both boys had their first day of school. Will started first grade and Charlie is in pre-K two days a week where we've been doing mother's day out. Both are loving it and seem to show no signs of a structureless summer.

Jack had his 4 mos check up. He's 14lbs, 12 ozs. He's exactly 50% in every catergory. Don't you love average! I finally got around to doing his 3 mos pictures. Only a month late. I can post those. As you can see, he's a happy baby! He's bald as a cue ball still, but I love to rub his head. I think his cousin in Japan got his share.