Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More home improvements...

To make sure that he got our business, our roofer told us he would throw in gutters for free. We previously didn't have any and wanted to put some in. Today they came and installed them. They look great! I'm still not used to seeing the drainspouts against the brick, but they did a great job. Now if we could just get some rain...

Also today, some heavy trucks came and scraped our street. We are assuming they are going to resurface it, which it needs. We're just hoping it still looks "country" when they are through.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

What happens when dad is in charge of bathtime...

Last night Keith was home from work. We let the kids play in the sprinkler. One thing led to another and before I knew it, the kids were showering outside. Of course, they loved every minute of it.

The kiddos,

Here are some recent pictures of the kids. Katie Beth has already developed her love of fashion and SHOES, no matter whose they are. The boys still love holding Jack and of course, having their picture taken.

Catching up...

Monday night, our cousin Blayne came to spend the night. The boys have a great time playing together and it actually gives me a little bit of a break. One of the highlights was singing the songs they learned in VBS this year. Blayne brought the video so they could follow the motions. They even had a stage set up. Once again my video and sound are out of sync, so once I figure out how to fix that, I'll get the video posted. It's pretty funny.

Jack enjoyed listening to the boys.

Look at those fat rolls!

The boys bedding down for the night.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Halfway there...

The roofers left about 5:00 last night. They got the east and south sides done. Because there is no decking under a wood roof, they still have to tear off the north and west sides. (We know this is a fast process though.) They should be back Monday first thing and get the other side finished. So far we are incredibly impressed with the look and the craftsmanship. We see people stopping to look as they drive by, some have even stopped to ask about it. Here are the lastest pictures. What a difference!!!

Yesterday morning when I got done posting, Katie had crawled up on the table and into her high chair all by herself. The only problem was that she was backwards...and a little mad!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

New roof!

We are finally getting our new roof. A crew of 8 arrived this morning about 8:00 am. They sat down and ate breakfast taquitos they made on a hot plate. Then they got started about 8:30. This was their progress as of 9:00. WOW!!! We'll keep you updated. We've gone to mom's to escape the NOISE!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Swim lessons...

The boys completed their swimming lessons today. We took private lessons this year and I can't tell you what a difference it made. They are actually swimming and loving it!! Charlie would hardly get in without his floaties and now he can swim, face in the water, for 10 feet. AMAZING!!! Thanks Miss Madeline and Mr. David, you were AMAZING!!!

I'll try to upload soem video when I get the sound and video sync'd.

Problem solving...

So what's a boy to do when he let's his balloon go in the house and it goes to the top of the vaulted ceiling? Will put his creative problems solving skills to work. Thankfully, we caught him as he was on the second chair. Boys...

Happy 10th Anniversary...

Keith and I celebrated our 10th anniversary this past weekend. On July 11, 1998, I truly married my best friend. Keith is one of those people that you just can't fight with...he makes marriage realy easy and so enjoyable. We went back and watched our wedding rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and the wedding. One of the things we were told during the ceremony was that God designed marriage to be enjoyed, not just endured. This has certainly been the case for us. I still get excited to see Keith's car drive in the driveway or to have him walk into the room. He is more than I ever dreamed of and is all the things I never knew I needed.

On Friday night, Keith's mom came and watched 3 of the kids overnight. We took Jack with us and went downtown Fort Worth. We stayed in the Ashton Hotel. It was so nice to just sit and do nothing and not have kids to get up to the next morning. (Jack seems so easy without all the others.) Hee-hee. The next morning, we went to Grapevine and shopped. Our dear friend Allison came and stayed with the kids all day Saturday, then my mom took over Saturday night for a few hours. We got home about 8:00 PM. It was such a restful time and we had fun "pretending" to be carefree newlyweds again with no one to tend to.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Still celebrating!

There's nothing better than spreading your birthday celebration out over the course of a week. This last Thursday, my brother John and his wife Jennifer offered to keep all four of our kids so that we could go on a date for my birthday. After dropping the kids off in Keller to play with the cousins, we headed to the Southlake Town Square. We knew that it was July 3, the night of their fireworks, but we had reservations and thought we would be there early enough to miss the crowds. Boy were we wrong! When we arrived at 6:15 PM, most of the parking was taken and the town square was crawling with people wiating for the fireworks, listening to the live bands and doing some window shopping. We ate dinner at a yummy Italian restarant called Brio, then walked around the square for a while. There is a furniture store in Southlake I've been wanting to look around in for a while, so I double-checked their store hours online earlier that day. We got in the car, left our primo parking place to head a few miles down the road only to discover that they closed early that day for the 4th of July. (Would have been nice if they had put that on their website.) So we went back to the square, drove around and found another primo spot as they left, and went in for dessert of the Cheesecake Factory.

Since the traffic was out of control by the time we got done, we decided not to stay for the fireworks. When we got back to John and Jennifer's, we could hear Jack screaming inside. Ooops! Turns out he had cried most of the night, but had a few happy moments too. Thankfully, they are used to crying babies and don't mind it, so they never called us on our date and let us enjoy the entire evening. Here are some pictures of what the kids did while we were away.