Sunday, June 29, 2008

Things I'm thankful for...

Just a few things from my week that I am thankful for...

My three sons, growing so quickly and being so sweet.

Laundry...I'm thankful for the provision God has given us and especially for all the healthy bodies that go in them.

more cup of blessing overflows sometimes!

My mom got this shirt for me for Mother's's perfect for those crazy days!

and in a strange way, I'm thankful for sickness that makes the kids so snuggly and brings my agenda to a screeching halt. It's good to have those times to be reminded that aside from being a cook, nanny, cleaning lady, laundry maid, referee, accountant, driver, nurse and so many other things...most of all, I'm MOM.


Beautiful flowers my sweet hubby had delivered for me. The smaller pink bouquet are from my mom from her garden.

Yesterday was my 31st birthday. Keith worked from 6am-2pm, so the day started off slow. I made cinammon rolls for the kids and I to enjoy. After Keith got home that afternoon, I made a run to Cato for some new clothes. It's always hit or miss for me there, but yesterday was a HIT!! I got several new things. This trip was more spontaneous than I usually do, but Keith and I went to a wedding last night that he was playing in and I realized that other than maternity, I only have 3 skirts- black, denim and black floral- and all of my shirts (by "all" I mean the 8 that aren't maternity)are short sleeve casual knit. I actually found a dress to wear to the wedding!

After our sitter arrived, we headed to the wedding. Even though I didn't know anyone except Keith and my friend Elise who sang, it was nice to sit there with no children. After the wedding, it started pouring rain. We opted for dinner at Reata since they have complimentary valet parking. After dinner, it was time to end the evening. We managed to leave the restuarant just as the fireworks were starting for the "Concert in the Parks" at Botanic Gardens. We pulled into a parking lot and watched. It was beautiful and the first time I've ever had fireworks for my birthday. All in all it was a pretty good birthday.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Eight kids...

No, I'm not pregnant with quadruplets! In fact, I'm not even pregnant. However, last night Keith and I had 8 kids in our care. Yesterday was my sister-in-law's, Jennifer, birthday. We gave her childcare as her birthday gift, so last night we took all our kids up to Keller to play with their 4 kids. We had a blast. We were there for almost 5 hours, some of that time spent just visiting, and on the way home we commented on how fast and easy it was. They are such sweet and well-behaved kids, so babysitting is fun instead of a chore. They all play really well together and Savannah is a HUGE help with the babies.

4some Fun!

For 20+ years, I have had three friends who have been closer to me than sisters. Kelly Hoera Jacoby moved to Virginia 2 years ago, she was the first the venture away from the group. Crystal Richey Clifton moved to Waco soon after that, but we were close enough to see them occassionally. Elise Parker Jordan and I have stayed in town and see each other more often. Now Crystal and her sweet family are moving to Alabama. They leave this Sunday. So Saturday night, we got everyone together...except Kelly's family...for one last hoorah. We realized that asking someone to host 10 kids ages 7 to 2 mos was a little much, so we met at Chuck E Cheese. (How far we've come!) It was a great choice, the kids had a blast and the adults actually got to visit some.

After we went home and put the kids down, the moms went to Starbucks and sat and talked for another 2 hours. I was never blessed with a biological sister, but these girls do more than make up for that. They are my dearest and most faithful friends. I love you foursome!!!! By the way, we found out on Monday morning that Elise is expecting #4!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Update on the hand...

Katie slept great last night. I checked on her several times while I was up with Jack, and her hand didn't seem to be bothering her at all. She hasn't even had any more Motrin since the event. This morning her swelling was significantly reduced and even some of the bruising had re-absorbed. The ortho still wanted us to come in to have it checked out. So after 2 hours there, he said that he thinks there is a hairline fracture, although the radiologist read the report as clear. Either way, he doesn't see the need for anything to be done. We are to return in 3 weeks for a follow-up just to make sure that it has healed correctly. Here are the pictures from today. I wish I had had the presence of mind to take pictures when it happened last night. It looks SO much better today.

Also, here are some pictures of my new haircut. I just wish I could get it to look this straight when I straighten it.


Monday, June 16, 2008

What a night!

It's 9:10 PM as I type this and I have just gotten back home from the ER at Cook's. Tonight, just before 7:00, Katie got Charlie's toothbrush- her latest fascination. Charlie, who was WAY TOO TIRED, took it away yelling "No Katie." (We've been working on that with him, trying to get him to realize he's not the parent.) He took it back to his bathroom, which Katie was less than thrilled with and she let him know it by screaming and crying. I was still in the boys room and heard him slam the drawer shut and then more yelling and screaming from both kids. I realized Katie's cry had turned from anger to frantic. I rushed around the corner just as the door slammed shut. Katie was on the floor crying and Charlie was in the bathroom. I opened the door and spanked Charlie, who was furious with the whole situation, and turned to console Katie. As I reached down to pick her up, I noticed her left hand. My stomach turned completely over. The area just behind her thumb joint was FLAT. I don't mean and little pinched, I mean FLAT, on both sides. Charlie had been pushing on the bathroom door with all his might trying to close it, not realizing that Katie's hand was wedged in it.

My adrenaline went into high gear. I called my dad, who was just about to leave for a meeting and told him we had an emergency. I met him in the backyard. Katie was crying so hard you almost couldn't hear her. (which is weird because she's LOUD!) Dad looked at her thumb which was already starting to bruise. He agreed that we need to head to Cook's for an x-ray. I called my neighbor to watch the older boys and dad and I loaded Jack and Katie and headed downtown, after a good dose of Motrin of course. I called my dr's after-hours on the way so they could let Cook's know we were coming.

We got in very quickly. Her hand had started swelling by this point, but she still wouldn't use it. She had stopped crying and had even smiled some. If you've ever been to the ER at Cook's, you know there's a great "fish tank wall" for the kids to look at. Long story short, they think there may be a hairline fracture, but the couldn't be sure. We are to go back tomorrow and see the Ortho clinic. They said the bigger threat is the swelling and making sure it doesn't cut off the circulation to her thumb. She is using it now and it doesn't seem to be bothering her much. We were back home by 9:00.

I'm so grateful my dad was home, Keith was out doing his cockpit ride for work and was in the air, so I couldn't even call him. God was so good to get us into a great hospital, quickly, and to provide my neighbor for the boys. We are also thankful for good insurance. I will try to post pictures of her hand tomorrow.

And to end the evening, once I got everyone settled, I went in to find my sweet neighbor had done my dishes, cleaned the kitchen, swept the floor and vacuumed the living room. God is so good, He knew I wouldn't be able to handle the chaos of a dirty house.

FYI- for those of you in Fort Worth, I found out after we got to the ER that Cook's urgent care in Hurst doesn't do x-rays. I had considered going there hoping for a shorter wait, but decided to go downtown because it was closer. Turns out they would have sent us downtown anyway and I probably would have paid both co-pays.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My boys...

Will came in this morning and wanted me to take his picture holding Jack. He really loves the babies and loves to hold them and talk to them. Jack is starting to smile a little which makes him even more fun!

Lately, when we go in to check on Charlie at night, we notice that he has put a stuffed animal into his shorts so that he can find it in the night. Well, last night he took it to a whole new level. His shorts were bulging so much that I couldn't resist getting a picture. I think he set a new record...9 stuffed animals, including a large killer whale, and his blanket!

Monday, June 9, 2008

What are you doin'?

So many of you are probably wondering what in the world fills my time these days. Well, despite popular belief, I'm not sitting eating chocolates and watching TV. Here are a few of our recent activities.

Katie Beth sleeping with her legs out of the bed.

Last Monday night, I met my friend Elise at Chick-fil-A. Both of our hubby's were working, so we ventured out with 7 kids ages 6 and under. While we were there, Will pulled his second tooth all by himself.

I had my 6 week post-pardom visit with Dr. Wood. Everything looked great and she loved seeing Jack. It's sad to realize this is our last baby and I will never again be pregnant, go through labor and delivery, etc... I think I could have 10 kids!

I know these pictures are a little random, but I had to include them. I heard Will and Charlie talking in their room yesterday and went in to find Will taking pictures of everything and Charlie posing. These are the 2 best pics. Of course, one is an airplane, are we surprised?

And most recently, we had cousin Blayne over to play and spend the night. They have played together so well all day long and then went to VBS at the church down the street. Funny that the only time I found to grab the camera was 9:00PM in the bathtub. They have played Star Wars, fishing, "Indian" Jones, airplanes, legos, and that was just the first half hour...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another shop update...

You'll notice that most of the updates lately are about the shop. That's because that's all we are doing here. I have become somewhat of a single parent the last 5 weeks as Keith is working on the shop literally every spare minute. They estimate that the work is 80% complete, I hope they are right. The roofer is to come this week to do the roof and an electrician is coming on Wednesday to give us an estimate. I know it will be worth it when it's all finished and we can clean out the garage and use it.

In other news, all the kids are doing well. Jack has gained 2 pounds in 2 weeks and is still eating every 2-3 hours around the clock. I'm hoping he will start stretching out one of his feedings at night so that I can get more than a few 2 hour naps during the night.