Thursday, March 27, 2008


In the last two weeks we are seeing progress in several areas in our family. Two weeks ago, I went on a scrapbook retreat for the weekend and got 48 pages done. That's some kind of record for me! I am still not current, but I am much closer. Now I only have to do September 2007 to current; which is still a lot of pictures, but it's not nearly as many as I had. I'm hoping to get my stuff set up in my room at home and get more done before the baby comes and it all starts over again.

Next, Keith and I went to City Hall March 19 to appear before the board of adjustments. Because you are only allowed to have 1 garage in our type of zoning, we had to appeal for a variance. (And pay the city a nice little fee of course.) We were so grateful when they approved our request. We went down a few days later and got our building permit. We can now officially begin construction...we hope to do that in the coming weeks. We are trying to decide whether we want to contract it out, our do it all ourselves.

Finally, I went to the doctor today. Although I'm only 35 weeks, she went ahead and checked me today. I told her not to expect anything, since I never have any change until my due date. To my surprise, I am already 2 cm. I remember with Charlie getting to a 2 and staying that way for weeks until my due date, but's something. Kind of got me to thinking that I need to set up the crib, buy newborn diapers, get out the carrier and wash it, get his clothes into the drawers, line up childcare in the event I go into labor on my much to do! She also said she thinks the baby is about 7 pounds right now, so we're looking at another 9 pounder!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Busy week...

It's been a busy week around our house. Last Thursday, we had almost 3 inches of snow. It fell in huge, wet clumps and was beautiful to watch. The boys loved playing in it and Keith even helped them make a snowman. Katie and I stayed inside by the fire! Although it didn't last long, it was fun. The next day was Katie's first birthday. We proceeded with our party plans since the snow had melted and almost everyone could come. It was great to have our family there to celebrate and I think Katie enjoyed having everyone there...attention, you know! She is really walking more. Still falling a lot, but trying to walk more than crawl.

She also had her one-year check-up this morning. She is 21 # and 29 inches long. That puts her right smack in the middle of average. I'll take that. Everything looked perfect. What a blessing to have a healthy child!

Then last night, Charlie apparently was feeling creatively stifled and decided to take matters into his own hands. I walked into the kitchen to be met with this...

In case you can't tell, that's black marker on our white tile floor and white oven front. But it's not just any black's Sharpie! I immediately kicked the kids out of the kitchen. (Not literally, although the thought did cross my mind.) Then I put the Sharpie away...forever! Then I went to the Sharpie website for any cleaning tips I could find. The only thing they had was Sharpie on fabric. I called my sister-in-law, who immediately had suggestions. So for all of you who are wondering, fingernail polish remover takes it right off tile with very little scrubbing. The oven was a different story. Because it was on a part that is plastic, the polish remover only smeared it and was taking the color out as well. I stopped and decided to wait for Keith to get home. As I was talking to my neighbor at the fence, she mentioned her hubby probably had something that would work. Ironically, the product is called "Graffiti Remover." (They ought to give a case to every set of parents when their son is born.) It took it right off with no damage to the oven. We are hoping that Charlie has learned his lesson. When I asked him why he colored on it, he innocently replied "I didn't have any paper."

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Ok, let me start by saying that I like Wal-mart. I can always find a bargain, I love being able to get almost everything in one place, and our store is new, so it is large and clean. The flip side is though, that I haven't found Wal-mart to be very mom-friendly...especially pregnant moms. For instance, when I get done with my grocery shopping and my basket is so full I can hardly push it, I would love to be able to stand in a line that has less than 8 people in it. My back and feet can only take so much and having to just stand in line is killing me! If they'd set up some of their unmanned registers as self-check out, I'd be set. Then, you know how they have the bags on the circular rack, you have to stand there and be ready to get your bag so they can spin it around and kepp filling up new bags. Inevitably, just as I lean in to pick up a few bags, the checker will spin the rack, causing the arms that the bags hang on to impale themselves into my protruding belly. OUCH!!! To which I usually hear, "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't see you there." REALLY, I'm the size of a prize winning heffer, how did you miss me? And finally, when I have been in the store nearly 2 hours, my feet and back are aching, my tummy is bruised, and my arms hardly have the strength to push the cart, would it be too much to ask to have an employee push my cart out to the car. I would even load it into the car, but for some reason, getting me and the full cart to the van is a herculean task.
So, I'll keep going to Wal-mart for now, but as my belly expands and the service shrinks, I may have to spend a little more money and go somewhere else until the baby comes. Now everyone say, "Awww."