Thursday, February 28, 2008

In case you forgot...

31 weeks

I thought I should post another prego picture for all of you who keep saying that they forget that I'm pregnant. I, as you can see, have not forgotten. I went today for another check up and was telling the doctor that I just feel big. She measured and said, "Yep, your measuring at least a week bigger. Looks like it's going to be another big baby." Other than the normal pregnancy stuff, I'm feeling pretty good. This baby is by far the most active. He doesn't really kick as much as he rolls, jumps, and just generally wiggles. Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come.

Friday, February 8, 2008

That's my Charlie...

Charlie came to me this morning and asked if I could get down a train from the top of his closet. It is a toy train, but has a battery that moves it around the track. It reminds him of the Polar Express. I told him that Katie was still awake and that if we set it up, she would take it apart and he would get angry. This is the rest of the conversation:

Charlie: "But I'm going to leave it in the box!"
Mommy: "Then let's just leave it in the top of the closet."
Charlie: "But it has gum in it." He tends to put gum everywhere but the trash can.
Mommy: "How did it get gum in it?" Knowing full well there is no gum in it because I packed it away and they can't reach it.
Charlie: "Well, when I was sick, I accidently threw up too high and my gum got in it!"

There is no telling where that boy comes up with this stuff and what he'll come up with when his homework doesn't get done. By the way, the train is still in the top of the closet.

Still a boy!

We went for our 28 week appointment yesterday. Dr. Wood humored me and did another sonogram to double check the sex of the baby. Still a boy. So today I am cleaning out Katie's closet with a tinge of pain in my heart. (Maybe that's just the heartburn.) I am excited that this baby is a boy, although I would have loved a girl. It's jsut a bummer to get rid of all those cute girl clothes after only getting to see them once.

Everything else looked good. I'm measuring about 1 week this going to be another big baby? I took the glucose test yesterday but will only get the results if I fail. The drink was room temp instead of ice cold like it usually is, kind of made me gag by the end of it. I told Dr. Wood, there's got to be a way to let us eat a Cinnabon or something in the office and then do the blood test in an hour. I know I would like that a lot better.

Friday, February 1, 2008


Well, as promised, here are some pictures. Some are a little slow in coming. Sorry.

My 4-some girls at our annual Christmas dinner. Such a fun time!

Will at his very first basketball game. He is learning more every week and doing better.

Cowboy Charlie at the stockshow.

My sweet Katie Beth at the Stockshow.

Will still loves the stockshow, but the rodeo is his favorite.

I'll try to post more of an update later, but that's all for now.