Tuesday, November 27, 2007


It's nice when brothers finally learn to share. It's a bummer when the shared item is a virus, specifically croup. Charlie got sick Thanksgiving Day and ran 103 fever for 3 days. Sunday, we were on the mend...until Will woke up sick in the wee hours Monday morning. He has run almost 104 for the last 2 days. He was very lethargic today, so I took him to the doctor. (Took Charlie too, might as well get it done at the same time.) The doctor said Charlie seems to be over the worst of it, just has the cough. Will, however, was pretty wheezy, so he was started on steroids, cough syrup and breathing treatments. As much as I didn't want to enter the world of nebulizers, it will probably be handy to have. Especially since Charlie gets croup several times each winter.

Before I took the boys to the doctor, I told Keith that this is the first virus we have "shared" with each other. That includes stomach bugs, croup, sinus junk...everything. For having a 4 and 6 year old, I'd said we have been exceptionally blessed!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas Pictures

Ahh, time for the annual cousins Christmas picture. It's amazing how 2 hours in a photography store can look so easy in a photo. The kids did extremely well considering that the studio was running 45 minutes behind and it was lunch time. By the time we finished pictures and looked at proofs, we had been there over 2.5 hours. We treated the kids to McDonald's and let them run off some energy. Here are a few of the "action shots".

Now for some of the better pictures...

We've decided next year Nana and Pappaw get to come along so they can be a part of the memory...instead of being "apart" from the memory. hee-hee

Happy Thanksgiving...and birthday!

We have had a busy week. On Thanksgiving Day, we celebrated with the Beckham side of the family and my brother-in-law's house. As usual, it was delicious! Charlie came down with croup that evening and by the time we got home, he was having trouble breathing, but some time in the night air helped and he managed to sleep all night. The next day we were to celebrate with my family. Thankfully my parents live close, so Keith and I took shifts staying home with Charlie, who was running 103 all day. The sad thing was that he felt fine, he just had fever and a barky cough. It was a bummer not getting to spend Thanksgiving as a family, since this was the first Thanksgiving since I've known Keith that he's been off work.

Saturday, we celebrated Mammaw's 90th Birthday. Her birthday isn't until December 8th, but with all the family in town, this was the best time for the party. She amazes me! She still lives alone, can drive to Wal-mart and the beauty shop, cooks and only uses a can if she's tired. May I be so blessed!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Can it already be Thanksgiving?

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is already here. It has been a busy year, but so full of blessings! This time last year we were expecting a new little bundle and now she is here...and we are expecting a new little bundle. The boys are growing and doing so well.

Charlie got a train set for his birthday. We had to set it up the next day. He loves it! When he was unable to make a suitable tunnel for it, he turned himself into the tunnel. Unfortunately, the train had to be put away when Katie woke up. (You'll notice Charlie has mastered the Popeye-the-pirate grin.)

Will had a special Thanksgiving feast at school. The kindergarteners were indians and the 1st grade were pilgrims. The 5th grade got to chose what they wanted to be. (These ages were chosen because they are studying that time in history.) After singing some Thanksgiving hymns, Will's grade recited a poem, 1st grade did Psalm 100, and the 5th grade recited the Mayflower Compact. Pretty impressive. Then all the families (189 people) stayed for a Thanksgiving Feast in the parking lot. It was really neat and Will had a great time.

We also recently got to have our first visit with Santa. We have never done that before, but the opportunity presented itself for free, so we took advantage of it. Will and Charlie were thrilled. Will took an airplane so that Santa would know what he wanted. Charlie took Waddles the Penguin...mostly because Waddles fell just before we left and had two broken wings, which we mended with band-aids. (Charlie is my sensitive nurturer, if that's how you spell it.) Katie started off well, but it was close to bed time and I think all the excitement and unknown faces quickly became too much. Fun Times!!!

We have so much to be thankful for. God has blessed us beyond what we could ask or think! Hope you all have a wonderful Thankgiving and spend some time thanking the Giver of all good things.