Saturday, October 27, 2007

My Strange Life

Well, it's been awhile since I've posted...again. I had really hoped to stay on top of this, but time seems to go by so quickly. I went to my 12 week OB appt last week and got to hear the heartbeat. It never ceases to amaze me. I am still feeling great, just REALLY tired. I made a deal with Keith that if I started cooking more, I could hire someone to clean the house every other week. She comes for the first time next Friday. I can hardly wait!! I just can't stay on top of the daily clutter and chaos and still clean the grime.

Here are some recent photos of the kids. They are crazy as ever and growing like weeds.

These pictures of the boys are from our trip to Michigan in September. One of our friends there is a fireman, so of course, the boys got to dress up in their own fireman suits.

This is from Will's first hunting trip. He had a great time, unfortunately, this was the only deer they saw. Also, there were no hogs, but they did get to see some wild turkeys and lots of animal tracks. Will is ready to go again, although I still don't think he really understands "hunting."

Well, you may be asking why I entitled this post "My strange life." Today was Will's 6th birthday party. We had it at Trinity Park down by the Trinity River. Of course, Keith had to work and my mom and mother-in-law were both busy. So that meant I would be doing this party on my own. I decided that having all 3 kids by myself at a park, plus hosting, would be too much. I called a lady from my church who graciously watched Katie Beth for me. I arrived at the park right at 10:00, (when the party was to start) and set up. At 10:15, we were still the only ones there. A guy walks up to me just as the first guest is arriving and asks if I would mind being in a photo shoot. Apparently, they were so struck by my beauty that no one else would do. Ok, truth was they needed a mom and kids and their models had not shown up. I guess I fit the bill. I asked what it was for and he said it is for a guy named Tom Annunziato who is running for State Representative for Fort Worth. The boys and I will be part of his ad campaign. I don't know much about him except that he is just starting, is Republican, and supported Arlene Wohlgemuth, a former Rep. whose daughter was a friend of mine. Hopefully he stands for things I support. Watch your mailboxes if you live in District 99. (Wherever that is, I know it includes me.) They are supposed to email pics, so when I get them I 'll be sure to post them. I guess it's my first official modeling gig...and didn't pay a DIME!!! Oh well, I bet the calls will start rolling in once my face gets out there, then that's when you make the BIG BUCKS!

The other big news in our family is that John and Jennifer are moving to Atlanta. John had a great job opportunity there. He starts Nov 5, Jennifer and the kids will stay here to sell the house and finish out this semester. Then they all leave after Christmas. It will be so weird to not have them here. Not that we see each other that much, but we do some and family gatherings just won't be the same. However, Southwest flies to Birmingham which is only 2 hours from Atlanta, so I plan to be a frequent visitor. Whether they like it or not. :)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Have I ruined my kids?

Sorry for the delay since the last post. I am so tired these days, but hopefully things will pick up soon. I am almost 12 weeks along, so I'm looking forward to the "energy boost" known as the second trimester. Still feeling well other than that, although Charlie graciously shared the stomach bug with me on Tuesday after he had it on Monday. Praise God that in His mercy I had it on a Mother's Day Out day, so I was able to stay on the couch for most of the day.

Ok, so I want to know if I've ruined my kids...Keith took Will on his first hunting trip today. I use the term hunting very loosely, he knows they probably won't shoot at anything, but it's a time to bond and get Will acquainted with the whole idea. When we told Will that they were going, it was literally as they were about to get into the car. We acted really excited, hoping that he would realize that this was a huge deal and something he's been talking about for months. His reaction was totally unexpected...he cried. Not a sobbing cry, just a quiet trembling chin that suddenly released big alligator tears. I held him and asked him why he was crying to which he replied, "I don't know." I think the whole thing just overwhelmed him. He finally perked up and they went on their merry way. Keith called tonight to say that they had seen turkeys when they got there, but that he thought Will was ready to come home. We'll see how things go tomorrow. They are due home by noon.

Then there's Charlie...Because Will was getting to do something special, I thought I would take Charlie out tonight and do something special with him. I told him that we were going to go to the mall and play, then eat at Chick-fil-A, then get a new toy at Build-a-bear (something we had put off until now.) He said, "Why don't we just hang out here?" REALLY??? I'm offering you undivided attention, playtime, a new toy and chicken nuggets and you want to stay HOME?? I finally said that he had one more chance to decide and then the offer was off the table. He finally agreed to go. After we got done at build-a-bear, we walked around the mall to a few stores I needed to stop by. I turned around to see Charlie, who always is at least 5 feet behind me, walking through the mall with his shirt pulled up, nursing his new penguin!!!! So, have I taught him to nurture and take care of things, or have I totally confused the poor kid beyond repair? When I asked him what he was doing, he said, "Feeding my penguin." And gave me this look that said, you are a complete moran, you've done this before...remember!

Katie Beth sweetly tagged along on our little adventure. She remains laid back, happy and all smiles...which is exactly what I need! She has 2 bottom teeth and is sitting up very well. She is not showing any signs of crawling yet, but that may be because she usually has two 35 pound brothers sitting on her. They still cannot keep their hands off her and we are working on that. I'm waiting for the day she fights back or just screams at them. She'll be a tough little girl.

Well, it's late and I better close. For some reason, Charlie and Katie Beth won't recognize that we can all sleep in in the morning and will be raring to go by 6:45...uhhh!